Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for selling a car at

Why use CarMart-Ph to sell cars?

Today is the era of connectivity, at CarMart-Ph we connect sellers of cars every day to the million potential buyers browsing every site online monthly, we strive to go farther on the largest car buying audience in this country. It is our commitment to promote the highest standard of a quality car listing while aiming to be more professional in connecting sellers and buyers in a manner acceptable in the Philippine car market.  

Seller does need to pay for a car listing?

CarMart-Ph is free for a car listing, and we committed to the highest quality of service, strived to be the most trustworthy car/vehicle marketplace in the Philippines. To prevent scams, we apply validation to every account prior to the first listing approval. Validation is done through a submission online of a valid ID issued by the Philippine government.

How long does the car seller listing will last?

FREE listing at until further notice. In connection with this, to keep all of our car listings fresh and updated, sellers are encouraged to update their listings monthly.

Does the seller need car photos for listing?

Yes. Photos of the car are needed. CarMart-Ph does not accept listings that do not have a minimum of two and a maximum of four car photographs. Sellers must use a combination of both exterior and interior photo shots when advertising their car.

Does the seller need to be transparent on minor scuffs and scratches?

Yes. The primary tenet of CarMart-Ph is based on “Honesty is the best policy”. CarMart-Ph advises sellers to be honest and transparent on car minor scuffs and scratches by providing pictures and enough information from the start of the listing and transaction process so that it will avoid disappointing a potential buyer later on. Honesty shown in the early stage of the transaction will help build trust and confidence between sellers and buyers, and it will convey mutual benefits if there is no hidden issue related to the car.

After the seller's list, what is next?

After submitting the necessary IDs for validating the seller’s account and listing, we have to proceed with verification to make sure that the seller’s listing meets the company standards. This measure is an integrated part of our prevention against scams and fraudulent activities by criminals, this will help us increase confidence between users. Once this procedure is done, sellers will be notified when the listing is live.

How sellers manage inquiries?

The Sellers are notified either via website notification, SMS, or e-mail every time a new inquiry is posted to the seller’s listing. The sellers can manage all of the listings and respond to potential buyers immediately through the User’s Account.

What are the Advantages When Buying and Selling cars from

Lowest Possible Prices. CarMart-Ph is a FREE online marketplace of buy and sells cars in the Philippines, the company wanted to have a partnership with institutions like banks, car dealers, and even certain individuals who want to dispose of their cars. CarMart-Ph will never put a markup on the prices posted by the said partners. CarMart-Ph will not intervene or influence the prices listed on the website-this means, buyers will always get the best, lowest possible prices.

CarMart-Ph is now concentrating on second-hand & repossessed cars from individuals, banks, and car dealers. This indicates that buyers benefit from a fair and very well-priced. It’s common knowledge that brand new car owners “lose 35% of the value of their car on its first year”. Knowing a 35% discount on the car that buyer is going to purchase, with proper information given from the website, and the mechanical check-up provided either by the seller or buyer could bring forth transactional satisfaction. Both buyers and sellers genuinely acquire a good deal from CarMart-Ph.